Governmental Services

Quality Equipment has been serving the needs of local, state and federal government agencies for many years. Our extensive network of professional, full-service sales and order processing, we are positioned to provide your agency with an optimal level of satisfaction from start to finish, and we are the best single source for a wide variety of equipment. We support the following federal contracts:

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Federal Contracts

Lawn and Garden Equipment

Utility Vehicles (including M-Gator)

Agricultural Tractors and Implements
Defense Logistics Agency

Lawn and Garden Equipment
Utility Vehicles (including M-Gator)
Agricultural Tractors and Implements

State Contracts


Grounds Maintenance Equipment (North Carolina)


Grounds Maintenance (Virginia, NASPO Value Point/Commonwealth of VA)

To learn more, contact:

Steve Giorgi
Governmental Specialist
Office: 252-355-4818
Cell: 252-245-0564

Cooperative Purchasing
Quality Equipment also offers cooperative purchasing with the following partners:

Sourcewell is a national municipal contracting agency serving over 40,000 member agencies nationwide with competitively bid and awarded contract purchasing solutions from premium level vendors and suppliers. Membership is available in all 50 states and is available to government, education and non-profit agencies at no cost or obligation.

National Purchasing Partners
National Purchasing Partners (NPP) is a group purchasing organization (GPO) offering organizations and associations access to an aggressively-priced contract portfolio of world-class vendors. NPP is a member-based GPO with over 100,000 member organizations in the public and private sectors.