Should I get a Compact Tractor?

posted on Friday, October 9, 2020 in QE Network

When you invest in a tractor, you invest in a right-hand man. You deserve a tractor with unwavering reliability, powerful strength, and a dependable support system. That’s where we come into play.

For our customers here in North Carolina who want something small without sacrificing the perks of a heavy-duty tractor, our compact tractors should do the trick. With horsepower ranging from 22.4 to 65.8, these series are perfect for homeowners, landscapers, and anybody needing a little extra oomph.

Should I Get a Compact Tractor?

If you are here, the odds are you’ve decided that you want a tractor. But with so many options available, it can be difficult deciding which one is the best solution for you. Compact tractors take on many simple jobs, opening up many different opportunities for property owners.

Because of the limited size and horsepower, our compact tractors aren’t a great fit for large operations like harvesting hay. They are better put towards smaller tasks, lighter tasks that still need to be done. Digging, mowing, tilling, hauling, leveling, grading, plowing, the list doesn’t seem to end.

The main perk of choosing a compact tractor is its price. If you know the jobs you intend to use your compact tractor for won’t require heavy-duty implements, then you’ll be able to save money and still get exactly what you need.

Compact tractors are also praised for their convenient size. With a narrow frame and a small build, you’ll have a much easier time storing your equipment when it isn’t in use.

Which Compact Tractor Should I Get?

So you think you want to choose a compact tractor, but you’re still not sure which one. John Deere offers 4 different compact tractor series each containing multiple models. Let’s take a closer look at your options. 


1 Series (22.4 to 23.9 HP)

Easy, affordable, ready to roll. This series consists of the no-frills 1023E and the premium 1025R. For very simple chores like mowing the grass, landscaping work, and small-farm jobs, these two sub-compact utility tractors won’t have any trouble doing what they were built to do.

With a hydrostatic transmission and a loader lift capacity up to 754 lbs, you have several options in terms of implements. Adding on a loader, backhoe, and blade each triple the tractor’s potential. The 1025R allows for iMatch Quick Hitch connectivity to take the hassle out of switching implements

You can also turn your mini tractor into a top-of-the-line lawn mower with the AutoConnect DriveOver mower deck by, you guessed it, simply driving over the mower deck and locking into place. 


View the 1 Series here.

2 Series (24.2 to 36.7 HP)

Posing as the ultimate landscaper, these tractors also offer a hydrostatic transmission but boast a loader lift capacity up to 1120 lbs instead. Used by both residential homeowners with large properties and commercial landscapers, the 2 Series offers 3 different models to choose from.

With a heavier frame for increased stability, faster speeds, and larger mower decks, you’ll find this series to be a bit more heavy-duty. Operators can again take advantage of Load-N-Go compatibility, connecting to implements like the AutoConnect mower deck.

Take on projects like clearing brush, hauling wood, clearing snow, and trench digging. 


View the 2 Series here.

3 Series

3 Series (24.7 to 45.3 HP)

More power means more choices. Choose from three sets: the heavy-hauling 3Ds, the value-priced 3Es, or the top-of-th-line 3Rs. No matter which you get, you’ll still be able to experience simple controls along with exceptional performance.

This series offers either a gear or hydrostatic transmission along with a lift capacity up to 1122 lbs. The mower deck width is the same as the 2 Series, but these tractors offer quite a bit more horsepower, meaning it can haul heavier implements and take on more jobs.

The Mighty 3 can accomplish the same tasks that the 2 series can, just to a greater extent. 


View the 3 Series here.

4 Series

4 Series (43.1 to 65.9 HP)

Now, we’ve made it to the biggest and the baddest of the DIY small tractor series. With the highest horsepower yet and a 4-cylinder diesel engine, you can rest easy knowing those heavy-duty chores are no match for this workhorse. Choose from the standard hydrostatic transmission that offers 3 forward/3 reverse speeds, or take on 12 forward/12 reverse speeds with the money-saving PowrReverser transmission.

The 4 Series has its pick of implements, with a simple solution hookup. Color-coded controls and exceptional maneuverability make for simple operation while a comfortable operating station will make your jobs fly by.

Haul hay bales, plow through snow, dig holes, rake gravel, smooth out dirt, cut grass, or break-up land. The possibilities are endless. 


View the 4 Series here.

Here at Quality Equipment, we strive to go beyond just living up to our name. We make sure to only sell machines that we would want to take home with us. Reliability, simplicity, comfort, and power are a couple of values we keep in mind when it comes to tractors, and this group just about covers that.

We offer lasting service that goes beyond the purchase of a tractor because we want to make sure it runs for years to come.

Have any questions about our compact tractors for sale here in North Carolina? We’ll be happy to narrow down which one is the best fit for you. Call your local Quality Equipment and we’ll get to work!

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