New narrow-transport planter from John Deere

posted on Friday, April 17, 2020 in Customer News

This year, John Deere introduced the new 1745 Narrow-Transport Planter. This new model is perfect for smaller corn and soybean fields, plus it folds quickly to a compact transport width making it ideal for farmers who must transport over narrow roads. You can keep the planter simple or add liquid and dry fertilizer options, or more. It even works with older tractors.

  • Easily navigate roads with narrow transport position
  • Save time by folding the planter from the cab
  • Increase versatility by applying liquid or dry fertilizer with a split-row planter
  • Maximize productivity with two planter configurations to match your operation
  • Compatibility with a wide range of tractors
  • Field-proven and customizable MaxEmergeTM5 row-unit
  • View planter performance with choice of three monitoring systems
  • Minimize compaction with large flotation tires
  • Plant more ground between fills with the Central Commodity System (CCSTM)
  • Reduce seed costs and increase corn yield potential with Section Control

See more on the 1745 here.