QE's Precision Ag Hotline

posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 in QE Network

As technology in agriculture continues to develop, Quality Equipment wants to ensure that our local farmers are able to navigate through any tech issues as speedily as possible. That's why we created the Precision Ag Hotline.

On any given day, customers can call (252) 888-2166 and speak with the experts regarding any Precision Ag function that is not working as designed. Contacting Quality Equipment first allows our team to determine who needs to visit the customer first (to ensure the least amount of downtime): an Integrated Solutions Representative, or a Service Representative?

This call center handles all kinds of questions, from how to turn on a display, to how to operate specific functions; basically, they can help you with anything that you touch from the cab, says Stephen Swain, Integrated Solutions Manager.

When a call is received, it is documented as a "ticket," for tractability and follow-up as needed. After a series of questions, a call center specialist can answer general questions, or determine that a service representative will need to visit the caller's property. The call center then contacts your local service manager, to let him know that further service is needed.

The call center supports all departments in our dealerships, as well as our customers.

A subscription to the call center is available through some service agreements. Otherwise, calls are billed by ticket (a ticket could be multiple calls) at a rate of $57.50 per ticket. Annual service agreement prices vary, depending on add-ons and coverage a client needs.

For more information, contact your Precision Ag Representative.