The John Deere 3025E: For homeowners and commercial workers alike

posted on Friday, January 22, 2021 in QE Network

Are you looking for a small tractor that provides high-quality performance while guaranteeing an exceptional user experience? Our John Deere 3025E Compact Utility Tractors were built to wow. With the latest technology and plenty of features to improve efficiency, you’ll be able to finish your chores in no time. This tractor is a great option for homeowners and commercial workers.

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What makes the John Deere 3025E a great choice for homeowners and workers?

1. Find plenty of power. The John Deere 3025E has 24.7 net horsepower that’s ready to get to work. Its two-range hydrostatic transmission was built to impress, featuring infinite ground speeds and Twin Touch foot pedals. A transmission oil cooler is included, ready to put in overtime working to cool off oil to significantly increase your transmission life. 

2. Save costs. Besides an extended transmission life, the John Deere 3025E finds other ways to reduce costs and increase value. The Common Rail System (CRS) in the engine optimizes fuel economy and reduces operating costs significantly compared to similar tractors. 

3. Make tight turns. It may not sound like much, but driving a tractor with the tightest turning radius in its horsepower class will help you significantly out in the field. Whether you’re turning around while spreading or making a loop around a tree to mow, you won’t miss a spot. 

4. Take on rough terrain. With standard 4WD, you’ll be able to get the most out of maximum 3025Etraction. This means no land is unstoppable and no job is impossible. We know you’re a hard worker, so make sure you can take your tractor where you need it most.

5. Rely on your workhorse. John Deere isn’t known just for its unique colors or for its long history. It’s known for its high-quality and industry-leading technology. Creating a tractor that will last was one of the top priorities with the 3025E model. With durable materials and strong components, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth out of your tractor year after year. 

6. Enjoy your ride. Strong performance is important to look for, but it’s also crucial to find a tractor that you’ll be comfortable in for hours on end. The John Deere 3025E includes a seat optimized to enhance user comfort, along with an ergonomically designed operator station. Simple controls will make operation easier for first-time buyers while the pedals will maximize productivity. 

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