In Response to COVID-19



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Dear Customer:

Quality Equipment would like to share some of the practices that we have implemented during this pandemic to protect our employees and customers.  These practices have been readily shared and discussed with employees.

Put into action these readily shared practices to protect both the customer and ourselves:

  • DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE! If you must touch your face, wash your hands before and after to avoid spreading germs.
  • Use a tissue if you must wipe your nose or eyes and dispose of it immediately then wash your hands.
  • Cover your face with your arm if you must cough or sneeze and turn away from others. Wash your hands after sneezing or coughing.
  • If possible, limit shaking hands during this outbreak.  Elbow bump instead.
  • Practice social distancing.  When possible, stand 6 feet away from others.
  • If you are sick, stay at home!

Procedures Being Implemented to Protect Our Customers:

  • Showroom and equipment (especially steering wheels, steering handles, door/tailgate handles, and seats) will be sanitized throughout each day.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be provided in an area that is convenient for both the customer and employee to use.
  • Inform customers that they are welcome to wash hands in our restrooms after handling money, displays, and parts or after equipment demos.
  • Remind them of our Customer Portal and shipping options if they have concerns with being in a public environment.

Procedures Being Implemented to Protect Ourselves:

  • Use telephone or email communication as much as possible and do not congregate in common areas. If you must be in the same space with others you are to maintain a 6-foot distance if at all possible.
  • A daily wipe down of all counters and door handles at opening and closing of business. Credit card portals, light switches, faucets, toilets, counter, and door handles that are heavily used must be sanitized throughout the day with disinfecting solution. Visibly soiled surfaces must be cleaned with soap and water before sanitizing.
  • Money should be handled only when wearing single-use latex or nitrile gloves, if available, and dispose of gloves after each transaction to prevent cross-contamination. If you do not have access to gloves, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after each transaction.
  • Do not use other employees’ telephones, computers, pens, or office space.
  • Wipe down telephones, keyboards, and computer mice several times each day with disinfectant solutions/wipes.
  • Post and follow shipping and receiving hand hygiene protocols to prevent spreading pathogens from shipping containers and packing materials.

Quality Equipment is open and ready to serve you!