New LP72 Landplane

Worksite Pro Attachments
LP72 Landplane

The LP72 provides versatile, cost efficient productivity for finish-grade work.  The front and rear cutting edges allow controlled grading and leveling in forward or reverse. Use either or both edges to spread loose material and for quickly cutting or  scraping hard pack without disturbing the base below.


Like all Worksite Pro attachments, these landplanes are optimized to work with John Deere skid steers and compact track loaders, and are compatible with most competitive models. Plus, they're backed by a one-year warranty and one-of-a-kind parts and service.

Key Features
  • Excels at slicing through sod and dirt clods
  • Allows controlled grading and leveling
  • Landplanes are optimized to work
  • Multi-shank scarifier breaks up compact soil
Weight839 lb. (381 kg).
Width72 in. (1829 mm)
Length50 in. (1270 mm)
Height22.5 in. (572 mm)
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