New RL66 Roller Level

Worksite Pro Attachments
RL66 Roller Level

The unique front roller on the Worksite Pro Roller Levels gives you total control for contouring, grading, cutting, and smoothing flat or significantly sloped terrain.

The RL66 pulverizes clumps and clods for a smoother finish in loose soil.

Like all Worksite Pro attachments, these roller levels are optimized to perform with John Deere skid steers and compact track loaders, and are compatible with most competitive models.

Key Features
  • Two replaceable cutting edges, and no hydraulics
  • Roller pulverizes lumps
  • Front and rear cutting edges
  • Roller levels are optimized to perform
Weight lb (kg)1,229 (557)
Length in. (mm)66.7 (1694)
Roller Diameter in. (mm)13 (330)
Box Width in. (mm)66 (1676)