5 Series Utility Tractor

5 Series Tractors - All Jobs, All Done.

A true do-it-all utility tractor, the John Deere 5 Series is one of the strongest tractors on the market.

With available open or enclosed cabs and a range of 50–125 horsepower, this utility tractor is primed to help you with any job any time of the year. There are few tasks these rugged tractors can’t do with plentiful attachments to assist with tasks like digging, hauling, grading and more. Visit Quality Equipment today to talk to one of our specialists about the 5 Series John Deere utility tractor.

More Power More Saving

More Power More Saving

Get more power with more savings on a new John Deere 50-75 HP Utility Tractor. Mark down your cash price or get 0% for 60 Months! Plus, get an additional $500 Off Select In-Stock units!

  • 5050E Open Station 2WD TSS
  • 5050E Open Station MFWD PWR REV
  • 5060E Open Station MFWD PWR REV
  • 5067E Open Station MFWD PWR REV
  • 5075E Open Station MFWD PWR REV
  • 5060E Cab MFWD PWR REV
  • 5067E Cab MFWD PWR REV
  • 5075E Cab MFWD PWR REV

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