Celebrate July 4th the Safe Way

2024 Celebrate July 4th Safely

posted on Friday, June 21, 2024 in Customer News

Celebrate July 4th Safely With These 3 Tips

Fireworks are the staple piece for Americans when celebrating Independence Day. They are a great way to celebrate and represent our patriotic spirit, but fireworks can also cause lots of safety issues. As dry as it has been in North Carolina over the past month, now more than ever we need to take firework safety seriously. Here are a few tips to make sure you and your family stay safe during the festivities.

Tip #1: Attend a Professional Fireworks Show2024 July 4th

Going to a professional fireworks show is cheaper, less hassle, and safer than doing fireworks in your backyard. Look up local fireworks shows in your area to enjoy with your family and friends! The Fireworks Extravaganza in Blowing Rock, NC, Celebrate America in Manassas, VA, and Folly Beach Fireworks Show in Charleston, SC are all popular firework attractions that people love to attend every year. 

Tip #2: Properly Water & Clean Up Afterwards

If you do choose to set off fireworks in your backyard, make sure to water your grass, surrounding2024 July 4th safety trees, and other vegetation beforehand. Soak the ground where you set off the fireworks in efforts to be extra safe. Additionally, have a fire extinguisher, buckets of water, and easy access to a water hose on stand by in case a fire emergency does occur. Move all equipment and cars away from the fireworks area and keep everyone back at a safe distance so nobody gets hurt. Every year there are over 10,200 injuries that are related to fireworks; don't be that person! It is currently abnormally dry in North Carolina, so taking these extra precautions are vital to prevent a fire from starting. On average, fireworks start around 19,000 fires every year. After setting off fireworks, make sure to sweep the area for debris, like shells and canisters, and soak any unused fireworks with water before disposing of them. Debris can also be harmful to animals if eaten, and can also be dangerous if mowed over by lawnmowers or lawn equipment. 

Read More About Backyard Fireworks Safety Tips »

Tip #3: Fireworks Illegal in NC, SC, and VA2024 July 4th safety

If you do choose to purchase fireworks, ensure that what you're getting is safe and legal. Educate yourself about all the different types of fireworks before purchasing. The following fireworks are illegal to sell/posses:

North Carolina

  • Firecrackers
  • Ground Spinners
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Roman Candles
  • Aerial Fireworks

South Carolina2024 July 4th safety

  • Cherry Bombs
  • M-80s
  • TNT salutes
  • Bottle rockets less than 3 1/2 inches long


  •  Any firework that explodes, rises into the air or travels laterally, fires projectiles into the air

For more information, view:

Being safe, avoiding fire hazards, and having a fun July 4th can all be done if everyone does their part in celebrating responsibly. We hope you have a fun and safe July 4th celebration!

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