Safety First: Fireworks and Mowing

July 4th Fireworks

posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 in QE Network

Backyard Fireworks Safety Tips

Once a year, we look forward to a July 4th fireworks display, whether we attend an event or celebrate at home. If you plan to create a spectacle of your own, it's very important to prepare ahead of time to prevent accidents.

Every year, thousands of Americans are injured by fireworks. But what we forget to consider, is the damage to your lawn, foliage, or lawn equipment. Using fireworks in your yard can burn and kill grass. Improperly setting off fireworks from your driveway can cause unwanted burn marks.

Most importantly, and most often ignored, unfired canisters left in the lawn can explode when ran over with a lawn mower, causing damage to the equipment, and even worse, bodily injury.

Before Setting Off Fireworks:

  • Lawn SprinklerRemove flammable material from the area.
    Pick a designated area that is level, on solid ground - away from your home and combustible materials like newspapers, gasoline or dried leaves. Make sure there is adequate distance around where you plan to light fireworks.
  • Water your lawn and even bark on trees.
    If using fireworks over your lawn, give the grass a good soaking beforehand. Turn on sprinklers around your home - prior to July 4th - to prevent fires from igniting during the display. Keep in mind that one spark can land on tree bark and smolder for 2-4 hours before catching fire.
  • Soak a wooden board or cardboard in water.
    If a grassy area is the only place available, lay down a flat, wooden board for your launchpad that has been soaked in water.
  • Have a hose or bucket of water on hand.

After Setting Off Fireworks:

  • Watering Lawn with a HoseSweep the area for unexploded fireworks shells and debris.
    Walk through the yard and surroundings at a wide radius to pick up debris from used fireworks canisters. If you spot a firework canister, douse it with water before picking it up. Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling used or unused fireworks.
  • Soak unused fireworks in water before discarding.
    This will prevent accidental fires from starting in trash bins. Let duds sit for at least 20 minutes before handling. After that time, soak them in a bucket of water for another 20 minutes. Never reuse old fireworks!
  • Wet the ground where fireworks were lit after your celebration.
    Just like you did before setting off fireworks, douse the area again to ensure it is damp and incapable of starting a fire.

Before Mowing Your Lawn:

  • Lawn Mower Deck Over GrassSweep the area AGAIN.
    Take another look around - especially in daylight - for debris that you may not have seen in the dark. Unexploded fireworks and the debris from exploded fireworks are especially dangerous if left in the grass, as they can damage your mower if they do ignite. To prevent damage and injury, never run over anything but grass. Unexploded fireworks are by nature explosive and pose a danger if they are damaged, or missing their fuses. Don't take a chance and make sure your lawn is clear of any trash or debris before mowing.

Closed for Independence Day
Quality Equipment will be closed to celebrate our nation's independence
Saturday, July 2nd and Monday, July 4th
We hope you have a fun and safe July 4th celebration!

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