MrBeast purchases nearly $90,000 of equipment, toys for local farmer ahead of Christmas

posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 in Customer News

The Tysons

Mr. and Mrs. Tyson, with some of their winnings.

Behidn the Scenes

MrBeast records the Quality Equipment segment of his new post with his co-host Chris and Chris' father, Steven.

WINTERVILLE, N.C. – YouTube personality Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, told local farmer Steve Tyson that he could take home anything he could touch in the Quality Equipment showroom within one minute. Sixty secondsEmpty Stihl display later, the Tyson family had $87,409.51 worth of John Deere, Stihl and Honda equipment, toys and merchandise.

The game was a part of MrBeast's latest video, "I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!" where he gave gift and cash prizes away to several local residents.

Quality Equipment managers were notified on Dec. 1 that the MrBeast team was interested in a major giveaway to a local farmer. Employees within the MrBeast organization selected Tyson, father to co-host, Chris.

On Dec. 2, Tyson was allowed to run through Quality Equipment's showroom and touch any equipment or toys he wished. Items he acquired included a John Deere Z930M zero-turn mower, two John Deere X350 ride-on mowers, several Stihl string trimmers, two Honda generators, Yeti coolers, John Deere workshop products and John Deere ride-on, battery-operated toys. At the end of the video, he was encouraged to run outside and touch a 5090E Utility Tractor.

Empty showroom. Employees offered the production team a quick estimation of $80,000. The final tally was $87,409.51, $73,397 of which for the mowers and tractor.

With the showroom nearly empty and the video still unreleased, Quality Equipment employees simply told curious customers that someone had recently come in and bought everything.

Tyson owns Steve Tyson Farms, Inc., in Ayden, N.C. He is a Quality Equipment customer who mostly works with Sales Representative Charles Haddock, who serves the Greenville-Washington area. Tyson produces crops including corn, soybeans and wheat.

MrBeast is a YouTube channel created by Greenville, N.C. native Jimmy Donaldson in 2012. The channel's main current premise is to give away expensive gifts – often to strangers – in humorous ways. As the channel has gained worldwide popularity exponentially in the past few years, Donaldson's giveaways have become equally extravagant. Recently, he and his co-stars worked as Uber drivers and gave new vehicles away to their passengers at the end of each trip. The final passenger of the day, who had needed a ride to work, took home a new Lamborghini.

See the full video featuring Tyson and Quality Equipment below: