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posted on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 in QE Network

Accomplish Everything with Utility Tractors

50 to 125 HP
That’s what you can expect with our 5 Series Tractors. From working livestock to snow removal, for hay producers to municipalities, these chore tractors bring the horsepower and versatility so you can haul, mow, bale and so much more. Shop Quality Equipment's 5-Family Tractors.

Compare the 5E Series Sub-Compact Tractors

For producers, professional landscape contractors, and property owners who need just a little more tractor, the 5E Series offers the features and specifications you need to handle heavier-duty chores. Available in 3- or 4-cylinder models.
5045E 50 (37.4) 37 (27.6) No Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Open Station
5055E 59 (44.4) 41 (30.6) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both
5065E 67 (50.4) 49 (36.6) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both
5075E 73 (55.0) 57 (43) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both
5085E 85 (62.5) 70 (52.2) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) 4WD Both
5090E 90 (67.1) 75 (52.2) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) 4WD Both
5100E 100 (74.6) 75 (52.2) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) 4WD Both

Compare the 5M Series Sub-Compact Tractors

75 to 115 horsepower. Need to tackle heavier jobs? Want features you'd normally find on a larger tractor? Look no further than the 5M Series.
5075M 73.8 (55.0) 57 (43.0) 24.7/94 Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both
5085M 85 (63.4) 70 (52.2) 24.7/94 Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both
 5090M 89.2 (66.6) 75 (55.9) 24.7/94 Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both
 5100M 100.0 (74.6) 85 (63.4) 24.7/94 Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both
 5115M 115.0 (85.8) 100 (76.4) 24.7/94 Category 2 (convertible to 1) Both Both

Compare the 5R Series Sub-Compact Tractors

The premium 5R Series (90 to 125 hp) brings advancements from our large row crop tractors and introduces them to the utility tractor class.
5090R 90 (66) 77.5 (57.8) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) 4WD Cab
5100R 100 (74) 87.6 (65.3) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) 4WD Cab
5115R 115 (85) 102.6 (76.5) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) 4WD Cab
5125R 125 (92) 112 (83.5) Yes Category 2 (convertible to 1) 4WD Cab

John Deere 5 Series Tractors

The John Deere 5 Series Tractors are designed to bring all the features and capability of larger tractors to a utility-sized tractor. The lower cost of ownership and ease of use associated with utility tractors makes this an attractive combination, and the 5 Series delivers. This makes it an ideal tractor for navigating the tight confines of an orchard while also providing plenty of power and size to manage larger open spaces and fields. Quality Equipment offers a number of 5 Series tractors for sale in Arkansas and southern Missouri, so come by today and let us help you find the right model for your farm or chores.

John Deere 5E Series

The 5E line of the 5 Series tractors are designed around one thing. Simplicity. This range of the 5 Series is built to bring you a no-hassle, no-worry production machine. One of the primary draws of the 5E is the new 3 cylinder engine. This powerful but fuel-efficient design delivers power options from 50 to 73 hp and PTO hp of up to 60 hp. This provides enough power for most tasks and implements while saving you fuel. Fuel efficiency can be further improved by opting for the 540 economy PTO. This option allows you to do light PTO work at reduced engine speeds, further saving you fuel and time spent refueling.

We all know how sweltering the summers can get in Quality Equipment Country, so the 5E also features an optional climate-controlled cab. The cab is designed to be fully independent to eliminate common rattles shakes and noise, while also keeping out dust and bugs. Operator comfort is further improved by added legroom, conveniently placed controls and a larger, thicker seat suspended on hydraulic dampers.

John Deere 5M Series

The 5M line steps up the power substantially over the 5E by offering engine hp options from 74 to 114 and PTO hp of up to 100. This power is a starting point around which the 5Ms strength and stability is built. A cast-iron frame provides all the weight you need to stay stable on even terrain and resists twisting forces and improves traction in less than ideal conditions. This commitment to being stronger extends to the hydraulic system, which can be outfitted with factory installed 70mm cylinders that provide a total lifting capacity of 5,954 pounds.

The 5 Series commitment to operator comfort also extends to the 5M. An optional high back seat with a low-frequency suspension keeps the ride smooth, while brightly colored and intuitive controls make operation easy and comfortable. Opting into a premium cab will also net you such creature comforts as improved climate control, factory-installed radio, USB and aux cord connections, roof window and sunshades.

John Deere 5R Series

The top of the 5 Series range is the outstanding 5R line. The 5R series comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect on a modern tractor, all designed to make your day as productive and comfortable as possible. This starts with the most powerful engines available in 5 series tractors, driving either the CommandQuad or Command8 transmissions. The CommandQuad gives you the ability to shift gears and change ranges without having to clutch. If you’d prefer, the Command8 transmission offers an auto-mode, allowing you to set the desired ground speed and letting the tractor adjust gear and engine speed. Either option improves control while minimizing input effort.

Quality Equipment, literally!

Regardless of which line you choose in the John Deere 5 Series, you will get a machine built to perfectly meet the needs of your operation. This speaks not only to the strength and power the 5 Series brings to the field but also its incredible versatility. If you’re looking for a John Deere 5 Series tractor, come by your local Quality Equipment location today.