Dare to Compare: How does John Deere stack up?

posted on Wednesday, December 23, 2020 in QE Network


So, how does John Deere stand up to its competitors?

Chances are, you already know about John Deere's legacy excellence. Green and yellow has been a symbol of Quality for generations, and the Deere logo is a badge that any farmer or homeowner can be proud to wear. What you might not already know about is this: High Quality doesn't mean High Price. Because of the Quality of John Deere equipment, we know there's a perception that John Deere is more expensive than other brands. We're here to set the record straight.

The truth is, buyers in our area saved more than $2,000 compared to other brands. That's because our John Deere compact tractors are very price competitive, with median pricing roughly 10% to 20% less than other leading brands. Not only that, but Deere buyers are more likely to buy again after making their first purchase.*

Now that's we've debunked the scary sticker price theory, we know the next step is deciding where to get your equipment from. According to a Martiz study, Deere customers in our area were most likely to feel valued and have a positive experience when they came to one of our 27 Quality Equipment locations. We understand that our buyers need a customized solution for their land. That's why the Quality Equipment team provides a superior experience for customers, resulting in Quality being rated higher than other brands. 

If the Quality of service isn't enough to convince you, maybe the convenience factor will. One of the biggest reasons people give for rejecting other brands is convenience, including proximity to parts and service. That's why we have 27 locations. We are committed to being there for you every step of the way, from the first time you walk in our doors until long after you make your first purchase. When you buy from Quality, we aren't just selling you a machine — we're forming a partnership.

Whether you need a John Deere machine for your home, your farm, your work, or just for fun — Quality is here for you. Being dedicated to our customers is a core value of ours. We will always be truthful with you, and we will always push ourselves to learn as the industry grows, so that we can continue to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

We could talk all day long about how John Deere is the best of the best, but we'd rather just show you. Stop into Quality Equipment and let us prove to you that nothing runs like a Deere. In the meantime, check out the videos below to see the John Deere difference for yourself.

John Deere 1 Family

John Deere 1 Family vs. Mahindra eMax Video

John Deere Quik-ParkTM Loader - 1025R vs. Kubota BX

Hitch Position Control - John Deere 1025R vs. Kubota BX

Lighting Packages - John Deere 1025R vs. Kubota BX

Comfort and Convenience - John Deere 1025R vs. Kubota BX

AutoConnectTM Mower Deck - John Deere 1025R vs. Kubota BX

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John Deere 2 Family

John Deere 2R Series vs. Kubota B50 Series

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John Deere 3 Family

John Deere 3025E vs. Kubota L2501

John Deere 3E vs. Kubota L

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John Deere 4 Family

John Deere 4M vs. Kubota MX

John Deere 4R Series vs. Kubota L6060 - Performance

John Deere 4R Series vs. Kubota L6060 - Attachability

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John Deere 5E and 6E

John Deere 5E Series vs. Kubota MX Video

The new 6E: What a Value-Pec Utility Tractor Should Be

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GatorTM Utility Vehicles

John Deere Gator Competitive Comparisons: The Cargo Box

John Deere Gator Competitive Comparisons: Terrain Capability

John Deere Gator Competitive Comparisons: Pulling Force

John Deere Gator Competitive Comparisons: Turning Radius

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*All facts and figures provided by MaritzCX. Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

Source: John Deere Purchase Funnel Study, June 2019, Quality Equipment, by Maritz