Technology in the Marketplace: John Deere's Exact Apply Nozzle Control System

posted on Friday, September 4, 2020 in QE Network

Jared Day, Product and Systems Specialist with John Deere, and Stephen Swain, Integrated Solutions Manager at Quality Equipment.

Conventionally, John Deere has had an either three- or five-nozzle body on its sprayers. But as technology advanced, the Deere team designed a new model that allows six nozzles and multiple spraying modes.

"By being able to control our droplet size," says Jared Day, Product and Systems Specialist with John Deere, "[this smart intelligence system] allows us to minimize the capability of drift, but also allows us to maximize our spray application, utilizing pulse width modulation."

A major feature of the Exact Apply System gives users the ability to set the nozzles to four different modes from the cab of the sprayer.

"With the individual nozzle control, we're turning nozzle on and off independently," Day said. "... That allows us to have precise applications where the product is needed on the crop. So being able to do that also gives us the ability to reduce our input costs anywhere from 2-5%."

Stephen Swain, Integrated Solutions Manager of Quality Equipment, notes the customers' financial investment into any Precision Technology product, but especially Exact Apply, and reaffirms Quality Equipment's commitment to ensuring the dealership's support in keeping their customers' down time to a minimum.

"We've invested in a dedicated Call Center," Swain said, "which is available 24/7; guys can call in and get an answer. And we can utilize all of our remote tools -- Service Advisor Remote, Remote Display Access -- to diagnose problems, to maybe keep a Service Tech(nician) from having to drive out to a machine."

Watch more in the video above.