John Deere 3D Tractors: Pick Your New Side Kick

posted on Friday, January 8, 2021 in QE Network

Strength, durability, and simplicity. There’s not much more you could need out of a tractor. In fact, these three attributes can make up a pretty great side-kick.

With these three characteristics and plenty more to count, the John Deere 3D Tractors provide exactly what you need to take on all different types of chores.

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Why are the John Deere 3D Tractors a good choice?

1. Generous power. The 3D Series features three models with horsepower options ranging from 24.7 to 42.2 hp. Each tractor offers a Heavy Duty Drive Train with a gear drive transmission. You’ll find up to 8 forward speeds and 8 reverse speeds available to match your speed to the job. 

2. Heavy-lifting capabilities. The 3D Tractors are known for their impressive hauling abilities. Whether you’re planning to tow a bed of equipment behind you or carry a loader full of soil on the front, you’ll find yourself in luck.

3. Narrow width. This compact tractor leaves plenty of room, allowing you to make your way down narrow pathways and tight crop rows. 

4. Compatible add-ons. It looks like the best just keep on getting better. With a variety of optional attachments, you’ll find exactly what you need to increase efficiency and simplicity in your operation even more.

  • Twin Touch Pedals. Make operation simple with one pedal that goes forward and another pedal that goes backward. 
  • Automotive Cruise Control. Focus your eyes on the job ahead without worrying about keeping up with your speed.
  • LoadMatch. Prevent engine stalls during heavy load applications.
  • SpeedMatch. Set a maximum speed to keep from going over during low-speed operations.
  • eThrottle. Increase engine RPM and speed simultaneously to preserve fuel while still achieving maximum performance. 

What jobs can the John Deere 3D Tractors take on?3025D

1. Haul. Like we mentioned before, these specific models are the donkeys of the 3 Series. With heavy towing and lift capabilities, you’ll be able to move just about anything across your yard or out towards your field. Use a front-end loader to scoop up piles of material, or use a pallet fork to transport stackable items like sod or firewood.

2. Mow. A Drive-Over Mower Deck will be quick to attach and will take care of your lawn in no time. Rotary Cutters are more effective for taller grass and overgrown brush. Just hook it up to the back and you’ll find your tractor ready to work. For a more manicured look, you can use a flail mower to leave a precise and uniform cut behind.

3. Grow. Use a Rotary Tiller to loosen packed-down soil and keep weeds and other insects from harming your plants. We also have spreaders and overseeders available to hook up and uniformly spread out seeds across your land. Our Disk implement controls weeds in low-lying areas that can’t be sprayed or seeded while our Cultipacker firms and smooths seedbeds. 

4. Build. Attach a Post Hole Digger or an Auger to dig up deep, narrow holes to build a fence or install a mailbox. Our Backhoe implement provides extra torque so you’ll have no problem digging out trenches and ditches to make way for new projects. 

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What are the specs of the John Deere 3D Tractors?

  • Horsepower Range: 24.7 to 42.2 hp
  • Hitch Category: 1 3-Pt
  • Lift Capacity: 2,081.2 lb