Is a John Deere X300 right for you?

posted on Friday, February 12, 2021 in QE Network

Finding a lawnmower that meets your needs while delivering a quality cut can be hard, but our team wants to make it easy for you. Our John Deere X300 Lawn Tractors consist of 13 models that each offer different varieties of deck widths, horsepower, and steering.

With plenty of power, the X300 Series is a great choice for both small suburban lawns and large, lengthy yards. With quick speeds and dependable consistency, you’ll be able to spend less time mowing and more time enjoying your lawn.

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Commonly Asked Questions about our John Deere X300 Lawn Mowers

What are the deck width options available in the x300 Series?

You’ll find both 42- and 48-inch deck widths available in the John Deere X300 Series. Each model provides a tough Accel Deep deck that uses the newest mower technology to provide a clean, precise cut. An onboard deck-leveling system will also work to keep your cut level without any issues. Using quality materials and durable designs, this deck was built to last. 

What horsepower does the X300 Lawn Mower Series have?

The X300 Series offers models ranging from 21.5 to 23 horsepower, which is the same amount of net energy found on small tractors. Using the John Deere iTorque power system, your mower won’t fall short on performance.X380

What attachments are available on the John Deere riding lawn mowers?

Going beyond high-quality performance, these John Deere lawn tractors offer plenty of attachments for you to do more than mowing. Hook up a utility cart to haul sod and soil around your yard or attach a spread to plant seeds fast and efficiently.

Does the X300 Series offer mulching capabilities?

Mulching keeps your lawn at its healthiest by providing rich nutrients for your soil. It also cuts your mowing time in half by getting rid of the need to bag. 

To provide these benefits, John Deere offers MulchControl systems for every Accel Deep mower model. Choose between a lever-action or electric one-touch attachments are available for you to bring simplicity and convenience to your lawn.

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