How To Maintain Your Lawn During Fall

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posted on Friday, October 22, 2021 in QE Network

Fall is full of opportunities to transform your lawn into looking its very best. By taking the time to maintain your lawn in the fall, you can enhance the visual appeal of your yard to its greatest potential and put it in a promising position for looking stunning in spring. Find out what you need to begin below.

Nourish Your Grass With Fertilizer

Spread fertilizer across your lawn to provide it with nutrients that help its grass grow. The type of fertilizer you should apply depends on the type of grass you have. Lawns with cool-season grass, for example, are recommended to be fertilized in fall and generally require just one application. Thanks to the nutrients provided by fertilizer, your grass can stay healthy throughout winter and be ready to grow once spring rolls around.

Help Grass Receive Nutrients With Lawn Aeration

When you aerate your lawn, you loosen the soil so that your grass can receive more of the oxygen and water it requires for healthy growth. Early fall is an excellent time to aerate cool-season grass, while late spring or early summer are preferable for lawns with warm-season grass.

Patch Bald Spots

Patches of dead grass are unnecessary eyesores that negatively affect the visual appeal of your lawn. Luckily, you can fix these bald spots with grass seed. First, be sure to scrape away dry, withered grass and loosen the soil with a garden rake. Next, add fresh topsoil followed by the appropriate type of seeding that matches the surrounding grass. Finish by adding a layer of topsoil or straw over the seeds and make sure this area is regularly watered.

Remove Weeds

The sooner you remove weeds from your lawn, the better. Weeds take up much-needed energy that your lawn relies on, so make sure to cast them out of your yard during fall (they won’t be going anywhere otherwise) with an herbicide to banish these unwelcome guests.

Continue To Mow (Just Keep It Low)

Stick to your regular mowing routine but be sure to clean up piles of leaves beforehand. Also, bring the blade of your mower down lower than the height you used during summer. Doing so lets your grass soak up a greater amount of sunlight thanks to the reduced leaf coverage. Should your John Deere mower require maintenance, be sure to contact us for service or replacement parts.