The importance of mower blades

posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 in QE Network

One of the most important aspects of keeping your lawn healthy and green this season is keeping your mower blades sharp.

According to Parts Manager Matt McDevitt (Quality Equipment Winterville), you know you have a blade problem when your mower is cutting your lawn unevenly. You might see "streaking" in your yard, or that some spots of grass are left taller than others. This is because the edges that are still sharp are cutting, but the dull spots have stopped doing their job.

YouTube personality The Lawn Care Nut gets into more detail about ripped and shredded grass blades in the video below:

Here, he notes that dull mower blades can also lead to:

  • Moisture loss
  • New entryways for pathogens, which can cause lawn disease
  • Ugly lawns

When faced with a dull blade, your first instinct may be to sharpen. If this is the route you're taking, McDevitt says to use a file, not heat, as heat tempers out the metal and weakens the blade.

However, McDevitt recommends replacing the blades, instead. You'll likely know when it's time to replace due to the mower's performance, but you can estimate how many blade replacements you'll need by the terrain on which you're mowing.

For lawns with softer soil and few roots and rocks, you can usually mow the whole season with one set of blades. If you have a rough terrain, and/or sandy soil, you can expect to use at least two sets of blades throughout the season.

Mowing Tip: Try not to cut grass too low. You'll extend the life of your blades if you reduce contact with the dirt.

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