The Right Equipment for Storm Clean Up

Hurricane Clean Up Equipment

posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 in QE Network

"Hope for best, prepare for the worst" is the saying when it comes to hurricane preparedness.

Besides having an emergency kit ready, do you have the equipment you need in case severe wind and rain strikes where you live? Hurricanes leave a trail of heavy devastation in their wake. From downed trees to piles of debris, and widespread flooding, it can take weeks if not months to recover from it. Many homeowners and businesses alike need to have the right equipment ready to handle clean up efforts safely and quickly. 

Here's some equipment you should consider to help with recovery once the storm passes:


We have John Deere generators in stock to keep you in power. Power essential appliances, lights, refrigerators, computers, and charge mobile devices as well as supply power to mission critical appliances. Plan to store extra gallons of gas for refueling.

John Deere Generator G6000MPR-G6000M

6000-watt, Gas 389cc OHV Engine

  • Recoil start engine
  • 120V/240V alternator
  • Automatic idle control
  • Wheel kit with tires and rubber gripped handles

John Deere G8000M-E GeneratorPR-G8000M-E

8000-watt, Gas 420cc OHV Engine

  • 7000-watt continuous Electric start engine (battery included)
  • 120V/240V alternator
  • Automatic idle control
  • Wheel kit with tires and rubber gripped handles


As your local authorized Stihl dealer, we carry the #1 selling chainsaw in the world. Clear away debris and fallen trees quickly and easily with the right chainsaw for the job. Come by and see us for STIHL product demonstrations.

Stihl Farm Boss ChainsawMS 271 FARM BOSS®

A high-performance, high-tech, fuel-efficient chainsaw.

  • Ideal for firewood cutting, felling and storm cleanup tasks.
  • Low-emission engine
  • 20% longer run times than traditional 2-stroke engines
  • Compact and ergonomic design

Stihl MS180 ChainsawMS 180 C-BE

An easy-to-use high-tech chainsaw.

  • Great for woodcutting chores around the home

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

  • Make adjustments without tools

Tractor Attachments

A compact utility tractor equipped with a loader and backhoe can perform a variety of light-duty shoveling and material handling tasks.

John Deere Tractor 260B Backhoe260B Backhoe

Quick, easy installation and removal make this a must-have for storm cleanup tasks. It also offers a 20-degree ramp angle for easy transportation on most trailers.

  • Move piles of brush or debris with ease
  • Optional mechanical and hydraulic backhoe thumb available to lift heavy logs

John Deere Tractor 120R Loader120R Loader

Lift and transport debris and load it onto vehicles for removal.

  • Compatible with 1023E, 1025R and 2025R tractors
  • Up to 553 lb lift capacity
  • Quick attachment and removal

Be Prepared with the Right Equipment.

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