Get Ready To Service Your John Deere Mower With A Home Maintenance Kit

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posted on Friday, March 11, 2022 in QE Network

Routine maintenance is critical to keeping your John Deere riding lawn mower running at peak performance. Mower maintenance can be done from home and may be easier than you think — especially when you have a Home Maintenance Kit to get started. Read on to learn which parts are included in a kit and how you can use them to perform various routine maintenance tasks.

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What parts are included in a kit?

Home Maintenance Kits take away the hassle of searching for individual parts for your specific model by packaging together essential parts to perform crucial maintenance tasks. Various kits are available for different riding mowers (as well as other John Deere equipment), so it’s easy to find the right kit — with the correct parts — for your specific model.

Each kit provides two quarts of oil, one oil filter, one air filter, one fuel filter, one air precleaner and spark plug(s). These are some of the most common parts that require replacing or maintenance over time. Recommended maintenance intervals can vary by model, so remember to follow the guidelines in your John Deere mower’s operator manual that explain how often a part needs to be replaced or maintained.

What types of services can you perform with the parts?

Provided below are the types of maintenance tasks you can perform with the parts included in a Home Maintenance Kit. Before performing these services, be sure to read through the operator manual of your John Deere mower for specific instructions.

Change the oil and oil filter

The two quarts of oil included in the kit can be used to replace old oil in your mower, which, if left unchanged, can eventually damage the engine. Also, because oil filters can get clogged over time, the kit includes a new one to replace your mower’s current oil filter. To complete these maintenance tasks, you will also need a drain pan, an oil filter wrench and shop towels.

Replace the air filter

Air filters help block dirt and other debris from reaching your mower’s engine. However, a dirty air filter won’t be as effective and can negatively impact mower performance, which is why the Home Maintenance Kit includes a new air filter for you to replace the old one with. Your kit may also include an air precleaner to use as a replacement. Not sure if your mower has a precleaner (not all mowers have them)? Take a look at your operator manual to check.

Replace the fuel filter

Fuel filters are designed to keep dirty particles out of your mower’s fuel system. So, if your mower’s fuel filter becomes dirty, it can damage the engine and lead to stall-outs. Issues like these can be avoided by replacing the fuel filter with the new one included in a Home Maintenance Kit. When performing this maintenance, you will also need pliers, a drain pan, safety glasses, gloves designed to resist chemicals and shop towels. Also, remember to perform this service outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Install new spark plug(s)

Spark plugs are needed to create a spark that helps start your mower’s engine. However, when they get dirty, old or damaged, they need to be replaced to ensure your mower is able to start. You will also need a socket wrench and spark plug gap gauge to remove and install spark plugs.

Why routine mower maintenance is important

Performing routine mower maintenance is important for many reasons. Not only does it help reduce the chance of unexpected breakdowns occurring, but regular maintenance will also help keep your mower running smoothly, lengthen its lifespan and maximize its performance.

Find the right Home Maintenance Kit for your John Deere mower

Quality Equipment makes it simple to buy the right Home Maintenance Kit for your mower. We’re here to help answer any questions you may have about our selection of Home Maintenance Kits.

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