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The John Deere 1025R compact tractor represents the top of John Deere’s 1 Series compact tractor line. This tractor is absolutely ideal for ambitious homeowners and fleet owners who want a small, maneuverable tractor that still packs enough of a punch to get tough work done. That’s why Quality Equipment has the John Deere 1025R for sale in Roxboro, NC. 


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The 1025R features a powerful 25 horsepower engine paired with a smooth hydrostatic transmission. This combination gives the John Deere 1025R a robust and easy to use powertrain. The hydrostatic transmission removes the need to shift or clutch while driving the tractor and changing directions. Since the change of direction is managed by the TwinTouch dual pedal system, all you need to worry about is the work at hand, not constantly swapping gears and ranges.

The John Deere 1025R also has a number of features designed to make the attachment and operation of implements as easy as possible. Quik-Tatch front hitch system makes front implements easy to attach by outfitting all front implements with a common hitch. Rear implements attach via a standard category 1 3-point hitch, but can be outfitted with the iMatch Quick-Hitch system. This system connects compatible implements automatically, requiring only that you lock them in place, from your seat.


When you’re ready to mow, the AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck allows you to connect the mower with no tools, without ever leaving your seat. Simply drop the tractor into low range, engage all-wheel drive and just drive right over the mower deck. The automatic system will connect, and after you hear the clicks indicating a connection, you just reach down, lock it in place and drive off. It really couldn’t be easier.

Even better, the 1025R has enough power to operate front, mid-mount, and rear-attaching implements without having to detach or remove any of them. This implement compounding increases your efficiency by allowing you to set up your tractor at the beginning of the day, without having to pause between jobs to swap things out.

The John Deere 1025R is the perfect tool for Roxboro area homeowners. If you’re looking for a capable, all-around workhorse to deliver on all your projects, then contact your Roxboro Quality Equipment location today and let our experienced sales team show you everything the John Deere 1025R can do for you.

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