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Quality Equipment aims to bring you the best in equipment for your whole operation, and that includes irrigation systems. Proper irrigation is the cornerstone of agriculture and Quality Equipment knows that only the best will do. That’s why we offer multiple brands of commercial level agricultural products like ABI Irrigation and Lindsay Irrigation. If you’re looking for irrigation equipment for sale in Burlington NC, Quality Equipment carries everything you need to maximize yields.


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Irrigation demands vary from operation to operation and even from field to field. Depending on the size and scope of your fields and crops, you may need a fixed system that performs reliably from season to season or you might need a flexible system that can meet the demands of various crops and rotations through the years.

This is where trusted brands like Lindsay Irrigation and ABI Irrigation come in. These two companies have generations worth of experience in agriculture and know what it takes to keep your crops well-irrigated while keeping operating costs at a minimum. 


If what you need a fully-functional, ready-to-go, turnkey irrigation solution, then consider Lindsay's irrigation solution. They offer the best in large-scale, all-inclusive solutions built on years of experience. They include all the latest in technology, from soil moisture sensors to GPS positioning. Lindsays Zimmatic central pivot system fits both large and small fields and the modular design allows Lindsay to custom fit their irrigation system to your specific crop needs. 

If putting together a complete system on your own isn’t a daunting proposition or you just want to upgrade some parts on an existing system, then look no farther than ABI Irrigation. ABI has been a leader in large scale irrigation equipment for decades. Their dedication to providing a personal approach to your irrigation needs means that they are able to provide you with the best fit rather than a cookie-cutter approach that may or may not work. ABI is known for high quality, energy-efficient products that span entire irrigation systems, especially their tough and rugged hose reels.

Regardless of whether you need a full irrigation system built from the ground up or simply need a few parts, Quality Equipment’s irrigation department can help you find the solution that’s right for you. Contact us today for irrigation equipment for sale in Burlington, NC.

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