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The John Deere 3032E is the perfect tractor for the large homesteader or small agriculture producer who needs a powerful tractor that can operate in tighter spaces where a larger tractor might be impractical. It’s also an excellent choice where buying a larger tractor just doesn’t make sense. Whatever your reason for wanting one, Quality Equipment has John Deere 3032E tractors for sale in Burlington, NC.


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The defining feature of the 3032E is the powerful 32 hp diesel engine that provides substantial power through a 2-range hydrostatic transmission. This transmission is operated through John Deere’s Twin Touch pedals, which eliminates the need to heel-toe and allows you to change direction by using different pedals. This setup makes maneuvering the tractor easier as well as reducing fatigue for the operator. Opt for the cruise control and you’ll have a tractor that is as easy to operate as it is powerful.

That power isn’t just limited to the engine and transmission. The 3032E also features a hydraulic system capable of powering an optional front loader to a lift capacity of 1186 pounds. This system operates separately from the power steering hydraulics, meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing steering power under heavy load. Taking the optional two-spool rear SCV will allow you to operate rear hydraulic implements as well.


Building the 3032E to do incredible amounts of hard labor would be pointless if it was uncomfortable and exhausting to operate, so it’s also been designed to be as comfortable as possible. To that end, the operator station is wide and designed to provide easy in and out access. The high backed seat is adjustable fore and aft and sits high to allow for maximum visibility without craning and twisting. Controls are placed close, color-coded for easy use and ergonomically designed.

The 3032E is designed to be easy to use, affordable and powerful. Perfect for both folks who just need a capable workhorse and operations that might need something to fit a smaller niche in their fleet. Whatever the need, the 3032E is more than capable of meeting it. Contact your Burlington, NC Quality Equipment location today to take on home today.

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