John Deere 3033R for Sale in Washington

John Deere 3033R for Sale in Washington, NC | Quality Equipment

It’s hard to be anything but productive with the John Deere 3033R Compact Tractor. Thanks to its powerful Yanmar diesel engine, eHydro transmission, and user-friendly controls, the 3033R will keep your long days running smoothly. Keep reading to learn more about the 3033R’s features, and come visit with our experts here at Quality Equipment in Washington, NC off Highway 17 for quality service.


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eHydro Transmission

The eHydro transmission on the John Deere 3033R provides high torque for start-up and reduces any powertrain shock loads. It’s Sauer Danfoss pump ensures that the components are all matched together, providing maximum efficiency. This electronic hydrostatic transmission is best suited for jobs that require productivity, such as loader or mower applications. The eHydro transmission’s infinite ground speeds allow for the operator to match the speed of the tractor to any job. The Twin Touch foot pedals allow quick and easy changes, and the cruise control is located on the right-hand console for easy access.

The John Deere 3033R Compact Tractor was created with the safety of the operator in mind. The eHydro transmission ensures that the tractor will come to a stop if the operator leaves the seat, but the engine will not shut off unless the power take-off (PTO) is also running. While the tractor will start with one of the foot pedals pressed, it will not move until both pedals come into neutral.

All eHydro convenience controls are integrated into a singular module touchpad, making it easy for you to access it all. The SpeedMatch feature enhances the eHydro cruise control, giving the operator control to preset the maximum speed. This improves accuracy and safety, especially at lower travel speed applications. The LoadMatch is an exclusive feature that automatically reduces the tractor’s speed if the torque requirements increase significantly. This drop-in speed compensates for the increased load on the transmission. The MotionMatch gives the operator several options for adjusting the rollout when the pedal is released. The eThrottle functions to keep your tractor quieter while using less fuel. The automotive-style cruise control also electronically engages to allow for a more precise setting of speed for the operator. All of these features come standard and allow for a much easier and more comfortable user experience while still using maximum efficiency. 

PowrReverser Transmission

The PowrReverser transmission is ideal for turf, loader, and transport work. Providing 12 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds, the PowrReverser transmission offers a hydraulically shifted forward to reverse transmission. The hydraulic wet clutches will maximize durability while decreasing clutch replacement costs. Located on the left side of the instrument console, the reverser lever allows the operator to easily change directions without clutching. Dual cone synchronizers allow for synchronized shifts between gears for easy shifting with use of the clutch. The 3033R’s helical-cut gears allow for quiet operation while the neutral start switch prevents the tractor from starting when the transmission is not in neutral.

Convenient and Comfortable Features

Designed with the operator in mind, the 3033R Compact Tractor allows for easy entry/exit to and from the tractor. The Composite Hood withstands the harshest of environments while eliminating any possibility of rusting or denting. The easy-fold rollover protective structure (ROPS) keeps the tractor rattle-free and keeps the user safe during any operation. The 3033R includes a tilt steering wheel design that lets the operator adjust the steering wheel to a position of their choice. The updated M-B-R PTO selector lever comes standard and allows independent control of the mid and rear PTO. Check out all of the available attachments.

If you want to learn more about the John Deere 3033R Compact Tractor, call us at (252)-946-0267 or visit us here at Quality Equipment in Washington, NC. Our team of experts will help you make the best decision for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!