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The new John Deere 3D line of tractors is the smallest and most affordable line available with a geared transmission. This makes it an excellent choice for producers looking for a compact powerhouse with exceptional hauling capacity. Read on to learn more about John Deere 3D tractors in Durham, NC.


Learn about the John Deere 3 Series

The John Deere 3D Series was built to meet the needs of producers and landscapers who wanted a small frame tractor with the ability to tow and haul like a larger tractor. And it delivers. Driving the tractor is a choice between 25, 35 and 43 horsepower engines that provide 20, 30 and 40 PTO horsepower respectively. This engine is paired with the transmission that sets the 3D apart from the others in the 3 Series line, the 8F/8R geared transmission. Shifters are conveniently placed on the steering column and the fender, so this transmission is both easy to use and easy to learn. The combination of these powerful engines and heavy-duty transmissions give the John Deere 3D a hauling capacity of 4409 pounds.

But if it was just a hauling machine, it wouldn’t be very useful. So the John Deere 3D Series also has all the same features you’d expect from a John Deere compact tractor. The hydraulic system has a total capacity of up to 10.3 gallons, with a total lift capacity of 1670 pounds. That kind of lift capacity means the John Deere 3D pick up and move just about anything you need moved. And with a total bodyweight of up to 2800 pounds, you’ll be able to move with confidence.

The John Deere 3D Series is also easy to own and operate. The wide, comfortable operator station puts all the controls at easy reach in intuitive locations. The telescoping draft links and optional Quik Knect system make attaching rear PTO implements a breeze. Between that and the extended service intervals and onboard diagnostics Service Advisor, owning the John Deere 3D Series is easier than ever.

So if you’re looking for a compact tractor that can pull well beyond its weight, then look no further than the John Deere 3D Series. Powerful and easy to own, it’s a complete addition to any operation in Durham, NC.

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