John Deere 4044R for Sale in Chesapeake, VA

John Deere 4044R for Sale in Chesapeake, VA | Quality Equipment

The John Deere 4044R is one of the strongest and most capable compact utility tractors in John Deere’s line up and is built with a number of features found on full-sized row-crop tractors. The John Deere 4 Series is the largest of Deere’s “compact” tractor line and the R models feature all the options you could possibly want on a utility tractor. This makes them ideal for not just landowners but also for producers and municipal fleets. If you’re looking for a John Deere 4044R for sale in Chesapeake, VA, then drop by Quality Equipment today and let us show you everything it can do. 


John Deere 4044R for sale in Chesapeake, VA

The heart of the John Deere 4044R is a 43 horsepower 4 cylinder engine. This is enough power to not only get you through routine jobs but the immense torque reserve can also carry you through the rough spots. You’ll get to choose a 3 range hydrostatic transmission or a 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission for a little more control and fine-tuning that experienced operators would expect. Either way, you’ll get easy and convenient change of direction, with either the hydrostatic TwinTouch Pedal system or the PowrReverser reverser lever located within fingers reach of the steering wheel.

To handle all this power, the John Deere 4044R is outfitted with a planetary final drive, just like you’d find on high power, full-sized row crop tractors. This means the force of the engine is dispersed evenly across three gears, rather than the single ball and spur design found on other brand tractors in this horsepower class. This does more than just improve performance- because the force isn’t concentrated in one spot, it also makes the tractor more durable. This is especially important in maintaining longevity if you plan on running the 4044R for daily chores for a long time. 

If you decide to opt for the hydrostatic transmission, you can also get the 4044R equipped with a factory-installed cab. This is a huge comfort and convenience improvement, reducing noise and vibration over long days and ensuring that you can operate no matter the weather.

No matter what your operation looks like, from landowner to large ag producer, there is a place for the John Deere 4044R. Swing by today and talk with your Quality Equipment staff to see what it can do for you.

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