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John Deere offers a number of different mowing solutions. Depending on your application, you can find anything from a basic ride-on mower for your home, to a fleet of powerful commercial-grade mowers, to subcompact tractors that can double as loaders and backhoes. No matter what you’re looking to get out of your mower, Quality Equipment carries a mower in Chesapeake that meets your needs.

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Ride-On Mowers

Riding Mowers

If you just need a straightforward ride-on mower, John Deere makes a number of models available in a wide range of power options. Ranging from the 100 Series to the X700 Series, there’s an option for everyone. The 100 Series manages a respectable 5.5 mph ground speed with mower deck options of up to 48 inches. For the average homeowner, this more than adequate to handle your weekend mowing chores. But if you want a little more, then you can move up to the S240, the X300 Series, the X500 Series or the X700 Signature Series lawn tractors. All these mowers offer increasing levels of mowing performance, up to the 25 hp V-Twin found in the X700 that pairs with up to a 60 inch mower deck. These more powerful mowers can even manage a handful of tractor-like attachments like rotary tillers and aerators.

Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers

If a zero-turn mower is more your style, then John Deere offers 3 residential lines and one commercial-grade line for you to choose from. The highly capable Z300 Series manages a top speed of 7 mph and a selection of wide Accel Deep mower decks that are designed to maximize mower efficiency at high speeds, allowing you to make full use of that 7 mph. Moving up through the lines, you get faster mowing speeds, wider decks, and more creature comforts. The Z700 series, for instance, threads the needle between residential and commercial applications. It offers a 10 mph top speed and 60-inch high capacity mower decks, with features like bodyweight responsive seat suspensions. The Z900 commercial grade mowers step up the ruggedness of the mowers with thicker, heavier frames and optional airless tires.

Subcompact Tractors

SubCompact Tractor

The popular John Deere 1 Series compact tractors take all the power and performance of a ride-on mower and pair it with the versatility and durability of a tractor. While some ride-on mowers can operate a few different implements, the 1 Series isn’t a powerful lawnmower with power adaptors. It’s a small tractor, featuring a full 3-point rear hitch and independent PTO. A full hydraulic system allows for the use of a front loader and a backhoe, while the PTO can run any number of other standard rear attaching implements. And when it comes to mowing, the 1 Series is ready to go in minutes with its AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck. This innovative system allows you to connect the mower deck simply by driving over it. No tools, no need to even leave your seat.

No matter what kind of mower you’re looking for, Quality Equipment in Chesapeake stocks it. We also offer a number of military-friendly discounts through John Deere dealer programs, like the John Deere Platinum membership. Military members get to bypass the purchasing requirements and are automatically enrolled in our membership program at platinum level for great discounts on things like our mowers, that can be added to national and local deals. Ask your Quality Equipment salesperson about it today!

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