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John Deere X300 mowers sit right in the middle of the ride-on mower range. This places them firmly at the intersection of performance and affordability. Plenty of performance and options without bank breaking price tags make the X300 an attractive option and Quality Equipment has a number of John Deere X300 mowers for sale in Burlington NC. Stop by today and find a mower that works for you.


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The X300 Series features a selection of powerful engines, from 18.5 to 22 hp. The higher end is good for a top speed of 6.2 mph, while the low end makes 5.5 mph possible which is more than enough for even larger lawns. While all three engines can be had with the 42 and 48 inch mower decks, the real advantage of the 22 hp isn’t the top speed but rather the availability of the 54 inch mower deck. This extra 6 inches on every pass can greatly cut down on the time you spend mowing.

The actual mowing performance of the X300 is based on the performance of the Accel Deep deck design, which is built of one piece stamped steel. This rounded design minimizes sharp corners and edges that cause clumping and reduce performance. It’s also designed to increase “pull” and maximizing the speed at which you can mow. After all, a top speed over 6 mph doesn’t mean much if you have to go 4 mph just to get a consistent cut. The Accel Deep decks make sure you can use all the speed your mower is capable of. 


Control of the X300 comes through Twin Touch pedal controls that make speed selection and changing direction easy by eliminating the need to worry about shifting and clutching. Many models in the X300 line also feature four-wheel steering or low effort two-wheel steering, to max navigating complex landscaping obstacles as easy as possible.

As you mow, you are offered unparalleled control of your mowing. The Exact Adjust deck leveling system allows you to level the deck from your seat as you adjust the height of the cut with the simple cutting height adjuster. You can adjust the length of your grass in quarter-inch increments from the seat of your mower and you can even do it on the fly. Choosing to mulch or not mulch is similarly as easy, with a single touch from the comfort of your seat.

The X300 Series of mowers offer you incredible amounts of power and options for maximizing your mowing in an affordable and easy to use package, perfectly at home on the lawns of Burlington NC. Drop in to your Burlington Quality Equipment location today to talk with our sales staff about what model would work best for your lawn.

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