John Deere X500 for sale in Winterville, NC

John Deere X500 for sale in Winterville, NC | Quality Equipment

 The John Deere X500 lawn tractor series is the perfect ride-on lawnmower for you. By combining a powerful engine with easy to use features and an affordable price, John Deere has the X500 line one of the most popular choices for homeowners in North Carolina. So if you’re looking for a John Deere X500 for sale in Winterville, North Carolina then come by Quality Equipment today!


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The X500 Series offers you a choice between two different engines. Choose between the 24 horsepower iTorque engine and the 25.5 horsepower EFI engine. Regardless of which engine you choose, you can get models with power steering as well as your choice of mower deck. Both the 48 inch and 54 inch Accel Deep mower decks are available. 

No matter what engine and mower deck you end up with, operating any model of the X500 Series is made super simple thanks to the smooth hydrostatic transmission. Outfitted with John Deeres TwinTouch pedal system, you don’t have to shift or try to heel toe an awkward single pedal. Just change directions by changing pedals. It’s that easy. 

The X500 Series also features easy controls to better manage how you mow. The traction assist control, which locks both rear wheels together for better tractions, is operated with a simple foot lever. The mulching system, useful for making sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs, is also operated with a simple button located on the dash. And the easy read display is displayed prominently, allowing you to keep a sharp eye on engine speed and make sure you’re getting the best cut quality.

The John Deere X500 Series is designed with homeowners in mind. Easy to use, incredibly powerful and affordable, the X500 mowers are ideal. Swing in to your Winterville, North Carolina Quality Equipment location today and see just how awesome they are. 

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