John Deere x700 for Sale in Albemarle

John Deere x700 for Sale in Albemarle, NC | Quality Equipment

Running the X700 Lawn Tractor is a bit like running on plenty of sleep. It may not be everyday, but when you do- you’re comfortable, energized, and ready to get to work.

The John Deere X700 Lawn Tractor provides the reliability and performance you want to see out in your yard. Offering both Accel Deep And High-Capacity mower decks in multiple different widths, you’ll be able to have plenty of chances to find the best solution for you. Horsepower ranges from 24 to 25.5, giving you ample opportunity to haul various implements behind.


But what are some of the opportunities you should take advantage of?

Best Attachments for the John Deere x700 Lawn Tractor

1. Utility Cart. Have a couple of projects around your lawn? Whether you’re gardening or perfecting your landscape, you’re most likely going to have a couple materials that need to tag along with you. Utility carts hook up to the bag of your X700 and can haul anything from bags of fertilizer and plants to tools. 

Utility Cart

2. Pallet Fork. Because of the shape and limitations of the utility cart, the pallet fork allows a more sturdy grip for stackable objects. Pallet forks are the perfect partner in crime when it comes to laying sod. Load up the pallet and drive it around with you as you work. Transferring firewood is also a great way to get use out of a pallet fork and allows you to skip the hassle of carrying stacks from the wood pile to your house.

3. Box Scraper. Tough dirt is no match for this lawn tractor implement. Used in many landscaping and gardening jobs, a box scraper rips into the ground and then levels the material back out. Whether you are wanting to plant a garden, level out your driveway, or reshape your yard, the box scraper will be your best bet.

4. Pull Behind Spreader. This one sounds pretty self-explanatory, but it nonetheless can make all the difference. This spreader implement attaches to the back of the X700 and evenly disperses material throughout your land. Designed to handle seeds, fertilizer, lime and even sand, you have plenty of opportunities to transform your yard.

5. Bagging System. A healthy yard means a healthy mind, right? Taking care of your grass clippings helps to keep weeds and diseased clipping from dispersing. By bagging up the clippings, you can reduce the chances of weeds spreading. Collecting clippings is also a great compostable source to take advantage of. Why not get the best of both worlds?

As much as we love fall time, raking up leaf piles can get old. Using your bagging system on the John Deere X700 quickly takes care of leaves each go around. Maybe it’s time to pass off the seasonal responsibility to your trusty mower.

6. Mulch Kit. Similar to bagging, adding on a mulch kit to your mower improves both the appearance and the health of your yard. By spitting out nutrients directly back into the Earth, your yard will require less watering and fertilizing use, and you won’t have to keep stopping to empty bags. Sounds like a win-win!

7. Comfort Upgrade. Of course, your comfort comes first. With multiple different attachments to choose from, you can elevate your space with chair cushions, additional lights, and floor mats. See what all you can come up with that will keep afternoons out on the lawn enjoyable!

John Deere X700s for Sale in Albemarle, NC

Of course, there are a few different requirements to take on any projects using these implements: determination, a free afternoon, a lawn tractor…

Call Quality Equipment in Albemarle, NC and hear from the team yourself. The John Deere X700 is a quality lawn tractor that is ready to turn your lawn around. We’ll be happy to help you determine if the X700 is the right fit for you. 

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