John Deere X700 for Sale in Henderson, NC

John Deere X700 for Sale in Henderson, NC | Quality Equipment

John Deere knows that just about any lawn mower these days will get the job done. That's why the X700 Series is more than just another lawn mower. As John Deere’s Signature Series Lawn Tractor, the X700 line does so much more than just mow the lawn. With the ability to attach implements to manage all sorts of chores and projects, you can get a single machine to handle everything you want to do in your lawn. If you’re looking for a John Deere X700 for sale in Henderson, NC, then swing by Quality Equipment today.


John Deere X700 for sale in Henderson, NC

You’ll be able to choose from either a high-performance gas engine making 24 horsepower or a final tier-4 compliant diesel engine making 24 horsepower. Whichever you choose you’ll have more than enough power to mow your lawn, but if all you wanted to do was spin a mower blade, you wouldn’t be looking at an X700 Series mower. You’ll also be getting a 540 speed PTO, which allows you to attach any number of implements, and this is where the John Deere X700 really starts to shine. You’ll be able to till, aerate, haul and plow areas of your lawn, all with a simple attachment via the optional 3 point hitch.

This is coupled with the availability of 4WD and 4 wheel steering. This gives the John Deere X700 Series lawn mowers a considerable amount of grip to make sure that you can not only mow but effectively run implements no matter what kind of conditions you’re in. And don’t fret about the 4WD tearing up your lawn. The speed of each wheel is individually controlled to minimize scuffing when you’re turning. You’ll even get a foot-operated traction control to help you out of really tough spots. 

Just because the John Deere X700 Series can do it all, this doesn't mean it has to be complicated to own. Removing and attaching the mower deck in order to clean it, sharpen the blade or attach other implements is quick and easy. The AutoConnect system means all it takes is a flat surface and a few minutes of your time.

With everything the X700 Series mowers have to offer, you should add one to your tool shed today! Come by Quality Equipment in Henderson to take one home today!

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