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The X700 lawn tractors really live up to the tractor name. They have a huge number of options found on larger tractors that allow you to use your mower as an all-around lawn and garden tool. Tackle your biggest projects by taking a look at John Deere X700 lawn tractors for sale in Dunn, NC.


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The 7 models of the X700 series represent various combinations of engines and drive systems. You can choose between two different engines, a 25.5 horsepower, electronic fuel-injected gasoline engine, or the 24 horsepower diesel engine. No matter which engine you choose, you have the option of the 48 inch Accel Deep Mower deck, of the High Capacity Deck in 54-inch or 60-inch sizes. From there, you can choose to have 4 wheel steering and, if you feel you need it, full-time four-wheel drive. This allows you to find the John Deere X700 Series model that best fits your lawn.

But as the name suggests the John Deere X700 Lawn Tractors are more than just lawn mowers. Where they truly set themselves apart is everything that they can do besides just mowing the lawn. Outfitted with a front hitch and a 3 point rear hitch, the X700 Series is capable of handling a wide array of attachments. And the dual hydraulic control valves and 540 rpm PTO will make sure you have the power to run them. Everything from snowblowers to rotary tillers and manure spreaders. This gives you the ability to tackle just about any gardening task.


All this and the John Deere X700 Series also remains one of the most comfortable Lawn Tractors in John Deere’s considerable offerings. The X700 can be outfitted with an Air Ride seat that suspends the seat on a fully adjustable pneumatic suspension. You can also get an optional weather enclosure or if you prefer, a hard-side cab. If you find yourself doing a lot of work outside in the winter, that cab can be outfitted with a separate heating kit.

The John Deere X700 Series Lawn Tractor provides a powerful tool for homeowners who may want the versatility that a tractor provides, without all the upkeep that a full-blown tractor requires. If you see yourself needing a mower with a little more, drop by our Quality Equipment Dunn location today and see everything the X700 Series has to offer.

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