Stihl equipment for sale in Washington, NC

Stihl equipment for sale in Washington NC |Quality Equipment

Stihl is the number one selling brand of chainsaws worldwide and is also a leading manufacturer of a huge range of handheld power tools. They make equipment for both commercial and professional use as well as tools for homeowners. With a variety of power options, there’s something for everyone in the Stihl lineup which is why Quality Equipment is proud to have Stihl equipment for sale in Washington, NC.

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Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl made their name pioneering the electric chainsaw and continues to innovate in the industry almost 100 years later. Knowing that the chain and guide bar are the most important parts of a saw, Stihl continues to make both in-house rather than use mass-produced chains of lesser quality. The rest of the machines are German-engineered and made in America to provide the highest level of quality. 

Because Stihl recognizes that one size saw doesn’t fit all applications, they make a huge range of sizes in both gas and electric powered saws for both professional users and homeowners. If you need specialized saws for in-tree trimming or fire rescue operations, Stihl makes them. Their electric and battery powered saws are perfect for homeowners who need tools that don’t make much noise, while their strong gas-powered saws are at home on the toughest forestry and farm jobs.

Lawn Tools

Stihl Lawn Tools

Producing high-quality chainsaws segways naturally into producing high-quality hand tools of all types. And Stihl certainly hasn’t come up short in that regard. They build a full range of lawn and garden tools for both homeowners and professional landscapers. They offer everything from trimmers and edgers to leaf blowers and pressure washers. If you need a landscaping tool, Stihl makes it. 

Their focus on innovation makes their tools easy and comfortable to use, knowing that professionals need to be comfortable for long days and homeowners don’t want to deal with a steep learning curve. Stihl also delivers outstanding power-to-weight ratios, reducing fatigue and improving accuracy.

Regardless of the hand tool you need, Stihl makes the best possible version of it. Drop in to Quality Equipment today and talk with our knowledgeable staff about everything Stihl can do for you.

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