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Used tractors for Sale in Rocky Mount, NC | Quality Equipment

Buying used tractors can be a great way to save money while still getting capable equipment. For smaller operations who don’t have the budget of bigger guys, buying used can mean getting the larger tractors you need to move to the next level. For homeowners, it can mean saving a bundle when all you need is a capable compact tractor and don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest. Quality Equipment has a large stock of used tractors for sale in Rocky Mount, NC. 

Used tractor

Used equipment

When buying used, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to look out for. While Quality Equipment stocks excellent used tractors, it’s always worth checking on a few things when you’re dealing with older equipment.

One of the first things you’ll want to check for is the overall outward appearance of the tractor. The condition of the paint can actually give you a hint about what else to look for. Faded, chipped paint can indicate that a tractor was stored outside. While not necessarily a bad thing, this means you’ll want to pay extra attention to things like hoses and tires. Rubber pieces that see a lot of exposure to the elements can experience dry rot or get loose at connecting points.

After a close visual inspection, you will obviously want to start the engine. Used tractors on dealer lots are going to start but what you’re looking for here isn’t whether or not the tractor runs, but how well it runs. Just like you would with a used car, listen for any squeaks and squeals. Now is also the time to look around the engine compartment for any leaks. Leaks aren’t always obvious when a tractor is standing still but may start up in earnest when the tractor is running. 

Used Tractor

While it’s running and you’re driving it around the lot, you’ll also want to test the hydraulic system. Attach a loader and go through the motions of a couple of loader runs, then leave the loader in the highest position for a bit to check for any hydraulic leaks or a drop off in performance. You’ll also want to connect an implement to the PTO and make sure everything is in working order there, as well.

Quality Equipment carries a huge stock of great used tractors and you can rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing a reliable machine. It’s always worth remembering that used tractors do come with their own histories, however, and knowing what to look for when buying used is an important part of the process.

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