How To Find The Best Tractor That Fits Your Needs

2024 Tractor Sizes

posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024 in Customer News

How to Find the Best Tractor That Fits Your Needs

Buying a tractor is no simple task, especially for first time buyers. One of the most common questions we get asked is "What size tractor do I need for 1, 5, 10+ acres?" Depending on your budget, property size, and personal preferences, it varies. The good news is that we have a large selection of John Deere tractors for people to choose from, ranging from our Compact Utility Tractors (1-5 series), Utility Tractors (5 series and 6 series), Row Crop Tractors (7 series and 8 series), and 4WD/Track Tractors (9 series). Let's dig deeper into each series and talk about what they specialize in!

Compact Utility Tractors

1 Series Tractors

1 Series Sub-Compact Tractor

If you own a small property of less than 5 acres, our John Deere 1 series sub-compact tractors are great for getting the job done in smaller spaces. Easy to store and maneuver, these tractors can do a little bit of everything from cutting grass to moving brush piles. There are two different types:

If you're looking for an affordable, standard model tractor, the 1023E is the one for you. This is John Deere's more "eco-friendly" tractor, featuring 23 horsepower, an adjustable sliding seat, PTO selector, range selector with E hydrostatic twin pedals™, and a height of cut selector knob to for easy adjustments with attachments.

The 1025R is a step above the 1023E in reference to luxury. Sharing a lot of the same features, the 1025R has 25 horsepower, an adjustable seat and steering wheel and cruise control. Both 1 series sub-compact tractors have a turn radius of 4.2 feet in diameter, can lift over 500 pounds, and has drive-over mower deck options up to 60 inches . Attachments like the loader and mower deck are easy to take off/put on, further making it the perfect tractor for small property owners. 

See a 1 Series Tractor In Action! »

2 Series Tractors

2 Series Compact Tractor

The John Deere 2 series compact tractors are the bridge between the 1 series and 3 series. These tractors are also a great option for small property owners that don't have a lot of acreage. There are 3 different types of 2 series tractors:

2 series compact tractors have the same features as the 1 series sub-compact tractors, but if you are looking for a tractor that is a little bigger than the 1 series and has more horsepower and higher loader lift capacity, then the 2 series is an excellent selection. These tractors can lift over 900 pounds and have drive-over mower deck options up to 72 inches. 2 series tractors are also a more smoother, quieter ride than the 1 series, and have horsepower ranging from 25-38 HP. 

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3 Series Tractors

3 Series Compact Utility Tractor

John Deere 3 series compact utility tractors are great for homeowners with a bigger property over 5 acres. Bigger than both the 1 series and 2 series, these tractors provide more horse power and a heavier frame for more durability. There are 9 different types of 3 series tractors:

3D tractors have a manual transmission and is the cheaper model among the other 3 series. They range in horse power from 25-43 HP. 

3E tractors are very versatile and have an E hydro transmission. Although this model doesn't have a quick attach loader, it is another great affordable option for people who are shopping on a strict budget. They range in horse power from 25-38 HP.

3R tractors are the first model in the Compact Utility Tractor series that offers a cab option. At the top of the line in luxury, 3R tractors feature an A/C and heated cab, a radio, and comfortable seating so you can mow, dig, and so much more from the comfort of your temperature-controlled cab. This model also offers a mid-PTO option that the 3E models don't have, and range in horse power from 33-46 HP.

3 series compact utility tractors have a lift capacity of 1,350 pounds and drive-over mower deck options up to 72 inches. If you want a bigger tractor that can handle tougher tasks on your average sized property, then the 3 series is the perfect one for you! Which type of model and horse power is all based on personal preference. 

See a 3 Series Tractor In Action! »

4 Series Tractors

4 Series Compact Utility Tractor

For those who have larger properties of 10+ acres or work in paving/construction, the John Deere 4 series compact utility tractor is the one that can get any larger job done. There are 9 different types of 4 series tractors:

The M series model is the "bridge" between standard vs. luxury; it is a mid-spec level tractor. They range in horsepower from 44-66 HP.

The M HD series model are more versatile, can handle more weight, and are more flexible with PTO operations that make mowing, plowing, and dragging so much easier. Overall, this model is more of a heavy duty option for people who don't need a huge tractor like a 5 series utility tractor or greater, but need the strength of a bigger tractor. They range in horsepower from 52-66 HP.

The R series model has the cab option, as well as more attachment compatibility features. They range in horsepower from 44-75 HP.

4 series compact utility tractors have 2 transmission options:

  • E hydro transmission with twin pedals™
  • Powr Reverser™ (cheaper option)

Featuring an electronic 3-point hitch, and a quick-attach, non self-leveling loader that is much easier to take off than the 5 series loader, these tractors can get any job done. With a turning radius of 20 ft. 7 in. in diameter, the 4 series tractor has the ability to get in more smaller places than the 5 series tractor. This tractor has a loader lift capacity of 2,222 pounds, which makes it the perfect tractor for someone who is looking for something to accommodate big property projects.

See a 4 Series Tractor In Action! »

5 Series Tractors

Utility Tractors

5 Series Utility Tractor

If you have a large property of 15+ acres and need a tractor that has the power to do rigorous tasks, then the John Deere 5 series utility tractor is a great option for you. More powerful and bigger than the 4 series compact utility tractor, this model can do anything you tell it to do. This versatile tractor comes in 9 different models:

The 5E series utility tractors is the economic model that is the basic, standard model. The 5M series utility tractors are the same as the 5E but offer more power and control. The 5 series utility tractor has a turn radius of 27 feet in diameter and rides much smoother than the 4 series, and doesn't require any DEF/Regen in the 2023 and newer models. The powerful hydraulics these tractors contain make lifting and carrying objects a breeze. 5 series models also have a self-leveling loader with a lift capacity of 2,900 pounds, and offer a much larger, quieter cab than the 4 series.

There are a couple reasons why this tractor is great in terms of versatility:

  • Bar axles: Change wheels spacing for wide windrows or narrow row crops with ease
  • Cast wheels: Add more weight to get heavier jobs done

These features make dual capability possible, so you can do more and get more done on your property. 5 series utility tractors also give you the option of 3 transmissions to choose from:

Whichever transmission you prefer, it is guaranteed to get the job done so you can tackle more jobs with more options.

See a 5 Series Tractor In Action! »

6 Series Tractors

6 Series Utility Tractor

John Deere 6 series utility tractors make strenuous labor look easy. Versatile, durable, and strong, these tractors are perfect for hay operations, mowing, commercial/governmental AG, and large farm operations. There are 3 different models in the 6 series, 6R, 6M, and 6E. They all vary by horse power, which ranges from 110 HP-250HP, depending on the model type. These tractors also have 3 transmission options:

  • AutoQuad™
  • DirectDrive
  • IVT (Intelligent Variable Transmission)

Featuring easy accessible controls in the cab and adjustable hitch depth, 6 series utility tractors also have the option to add wheel weights to balance out heavy front loads and an easy detachable, non self-leveling and mechanical self-leveling loader, which keeps the bucket level with the ground to avoid anything falling out of the bucket.

With their durable and large frame sizes, 6 series utility tractors are the perfect candidate for roadside mowing and large tasks. The 6 series tractor's wheelbases come in different sizes to best fit your needs, whether you need to maneuver around in smaller spaces or complete strenuous work around your property. To better your tractor operating experience, you can upgrade to the John Deere universal display and StarFire™ Receiver to make operating a breeze, especially when you're out in the field. If you own a large farm, AG, or construction operation, then the 6 series utility tractor is the perfect one for you. Their versatility, durability, and unique features are what keeps them at the top of the competitive ladder.

See a 6 Series Tractor In Action! »

 Row Crop Tractors

7 Series Tractors

7 Series Row Crop Tractor

With fully integrated Precision AG technology, the John Deere 7 series row crop tractor is the perfect machine for farmers with large crops, fields, and farms to maintain. There are 8 different 7 series models that vary in horsepower:

The 7 series row crop tractor features an integrated 3-point hitch and rear 3-point hitch, with a lift capacity varying between 15,200-17,300 pounds depending on the model. There are 2 transmission options:

  • e23™ PowerShift
  • IVT (Intelligent Variable Transmission)

All 7 series tractor models offer both transmission options except the 7R350, which only has an IVT transmission. These tractors also have a high hydraulic output which makes pulling large attachments that require a substantial amount of hydraulics much easier. The drawbar on the back of the 7 series tractor is easily visible, which makes backing up and connecting to attachments safe and easy. They also have different tire width options for better traction and less compaction, depending on what your specific needs are.

See a 7R Series Tractor In Action! »

8R Series Tractors

8 Series Row Crop Tractor

If you have hundreds of acres to maintain, the John Deere 8 series row crop tractor is the one for you. These tractors can do anything you tell them to do, which is why they are an excellent choice for strenuous farm work. There are 3 different models and horsepower of 8 series row crop tractors:

8RX Series TractorsThe main difference between the 8R, 8RT, and 8RX is that the 8RX has wheel-tracks instead of just wheels. Additionally, the 8R has Independent Link Suspension (ILS™), the 8RT has AirCushion™ Suspension and 4-Post Cab Suspension, and the 8RX has 4-Post Cab Suspension.  Although there are a few differences, these 3 models come with a lot of the same features:

  • Transmission options of e23™ PowerShift, IVT ™, and 16-speed power shift
  • Independent Link Suspension (ILS™)
  • Autonomy-ready to get more jobs done
  • Large Cab
  • G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display 
  • CommandARM™ Console
  • AutoTrac™
  • FieldCruise™
  • Cornerpost Display
  • Active Command Steering 2 (ACS 2™)
  • 9.0L Engine
  • Fan-Drive Cooling System
  • Intelligent Power Management (IPM)

Depending on your style and budget, the 8 series tractor comes with 3 interior options:

  • Select
    • Cloth seat with mechanical controls and lumbar support
    • 8° left-hand and 40° right-hand swivel
    • Radio, Bluetooth, and 4 speakers
    • 4 USB Ports and 12 V outlet
    • Dual-tilt steering column
    • Business-band ready
    • Foot rests
  • Premium
    • Cloth seat with electronic controls and pneumatic lumbar support
    • 25° left-hand and 40° right-hand swivel
    • 6 1/2 inch touchscreen radio, satellite radio option, and 6 speakers
    • Business-band ready
    • 4 USB ports and 12 V outlet
    • Dual-tilt steering column
    • Foot rests and refrigerator 
    • Right-hand accessory rail
  • Ultimate
    • Leather seat with electronic controls and pneumatic lumbar support
    • 25° left-hand and 40° right-hand swivel
    • Adjustable bolsters and massaging features
    • 6.5 inch touchscreen radio, satellite radio option, 6 speakers
    • Business-band ready
    • 4 USB ports and 12 V outlet
    • Dual-tilt steering column
    • Foot rests and refrigerator
    • right-hand accessory rail
    • Leather wrapped steering wheel
    • Carpeted floor mat

When it comes to technology, these tractors have it all. The G5Plus CommandCenter™ Display make applications run smooth and efficiently. It contains 35% more screen space compared to other displays, and is 3x faster in processing. 

The CommandARM™ Console makes controlling the tractor easier than ever with the control being within arms' length to function AutoTrac™, FieldCruise™, transmission, SCVs, PTO, cab temp, and more. 

The Cornerpost Display makes equipment operating even better with engine RPMs, ground speed, fuel level, and more being displayed on the screen for easy deciphering. 

The Active Command steering 2 (ACS 2™) makes steering performance customizable for the road or the field, which makes these tractors even more efficient in their day to day jobs.

The 8 series row crop tractor also offers different visibility packages that are based on your personal preferences and budget:

  • Select, Premium, Ultimate LED Lighting, Electric, heated, and telescoping mirrors, and Sunshades. 

All of your farming needs and goals can be met with the John Deere 8 series row crop tractor. With tons of incredible features to make your daily jobs around the farm easier, these tractors have what it takes to get the job done the right way.

See a 8 Series Tractor In Action! »

9 Series Tractor

9 Series 4WD/Track Tractors

For large farming operations that have a lot of land to maintain, plow, and harvest, the John Deere 9 series 4WD/track tractor can get every hard job done. There are 3 different models in the 9 series that range in a variety of horse power:

All 3 of these models have an e18™ PowerShift transmission that helps maintain strength for powerful loads efficiently and smoothly. Featuring a 13.6 liter engine and a spacious cab, these tractors also have fully integrated precision AG technology. The 9R models have a HydraCushion™ front-axle suspension, the 9RT models have a AirCushion™ suspension, and the 9RX models have a 4-post cab suspension. The versatility of these tractors is what makes the sky the limit in terms of what these tractors can do. Your budget, personal preferences, and farm demands are what determine which model is best for you. All 3 models carry features like:

John Deere 9 series 4WD/track tractors also offer a 3-point hitch-lift capacity, Category S Drawbar, higher hydraulic capacity, electrohydraulic SCVs, and ActiveCommand™ Steering. Cut down on emissions with the Integrated Emissions Control system. This feature uses less diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid, and the smaller package of the aftertreatment system helps with better visibility from inside the cab. Furthermore, these tractors contain an emissions-reduction strategy to aid in the strenuous tasks on your farm. This strategy includes:

  • Diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Selective catalytic reduction system

These 9 series 4WD/track tractors have more horsepower so you can pull bigger and wider equipment with ease while being able to keep moving at a high rate of speed longer. Decrease your service visits and days you're not out in the field with the hydraulic fan drive. These fans keep your machine cool by making sure it doesn't overheat. The Intelligent Power Management (IPM) is a 25-50 horsepower engine that can be accessed through your monitoring software. This engine gives you additional horsepower and the ability to get over rough terrain and large hills. Strength, power, and versatility describes these tractors perfectly. Get your jobs on the farm done the right and efficiently with the 9 series 4WD/track tractor. Interested to see how a 9 series tractor works in action?

See a 9 Series Tractor In Action! »

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